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Saturday June 1st 2024| Time: 18.00h onwards | Grote Kerk Rond de Grote Kerk 12, 2513 AM, Den Haag

After Supper returns to Grote Kerk Den Haag for a brand new event experience on Saturday June 1st 2024! Get ready for a top notch show where international deejays & extravagant performances are accustomed.

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La Fête En Blanc
Mesdames et Messieurs, on June 1st 2024, de Grote Kerk Den Haag transforms into an ocean of white. Be prepared to be submerged into La Fête En Blanc: une soirée tres élégante & excentrique! 

Music & Entertainment
Unparalleled music is provided by renowned DJs & live musicians playing hiphop, r&b & hits from the 90s and 00s and well known dance classics we all love so much! Get ready for a top notch show where extravagant acts & performances are accustomed.


This evening we all will honor the color of light, purity & innocence. White it is. From head to toe (only shoes may be a different color).   
Pour les femmes: It’s time to dress up as the most eccentric version of yourself. Let your creative juices flow. Pour tous les exhibitionnistes: It is time to shine! 

Pour les hommes: We prefer & encourage men be creative too, so let your creative juices flow! Bonus points for men who come in suits.

Casual attire is not permitted. Don't forget to pass this information to your guests.

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