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Saturday November 23rd 2024 | Time: 19.30h - 01.00h  | Lichtfabriek  Energieplein 73, 2031 TC Haarlem

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Real Haarlem heritage: The Lichtfabriek. A stunning former industrial power station. The high ceiling & church-like futures make this monumental building the perfect setting for After Supper's Masquerade Ball.

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The Masquerade Ball finally arrives in Haarlem on November 23rd 2024.
Be prepared to be submerged into the mysterious, enchanting & extravagant world of the Grand Masquerade Ball. Une soirée élégante & excentrique, all whilst keeping everyone's identity a pleasant mystery.

Music & Entertainment
Unparalleled music is provided by renowned DJs & live musicians playing playing deep, soulful house music & classic hit tracks in the most sophisticated way. Get ready for a top notch show where extravagant acts & performances are accustomed.

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Get inspired by movies & series like The Great Gatsby, Eyes wide Shut, Peaky blinders & 50 shades of grey. Think Mardi Gras, the roaring 20’s & les secrets de Versailles.

Pour les femmes: It’s time to dress up as the most sensual & eccentric version of yourself. Let your creative juices flow. Pour tous les exhibitionnistes: It is time to shine! 

Pour les hommes: We encourage men to suit up & get dressed in one of the themes mentioned above. The same rule here: Let your creative juices flow.

Attention please: casual attire is not permitted. Don't forget to pass this information to your guests.

A night of secrecy, enchantment, sensuality & mystery awaits you at the Masquerade Ball.

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